OpenMind Library

The OpenMind Library provides resources to foster mutual understanding within educational and organizational settings.

It offers an extensive array of essays, videos, academic articles, and books that correspond with each step in the OpenMind program. Professors, and other organizational or community leaders, can draw from these resources to build their own curricula, or to provide a deeper exploration of any of the materials covered in the online program.

Each step of the Library consists of brief introductory text followed by one or two essays and/or videos, labeled “our picks.” We also provide many additional readings and videos for each step.

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Explore the irrational mind. Learn a little bit of psychology to see the tricks the mind plays on us, making us all prone to be self-righteous, overconfident, and quick to demonize ”the other side.”

Uncover the roots of our ideological differences. Uncover the power of the ”moral matrix,” which helps explain where our moral differences come from and why moral or political disagreements can be so difficult.

Cultivate intellectual humility. Learn how cultivating a mindset of humility and open-mindedness can help you achieve academic, professional, and personal success.

Discover the value of diverse perspectives. Discover how talking to people you disagree with can help you make wiser decisions and new discoveries.

Prepare for constructive disagreement. Learn practical skills to turn the most difficult disagreements into productive conversations.

Additional Specialized Content Below:

Step outside your own moral matrix by exploring the mindsets, perspectives, and principles of progressives, conservatives, and libertarians.