OpenMind App Overview

The OpenMind app is comprised of five interactive steps that guide users through materials to prepare them emotionally, psychologically, and practically for engaging with intellectual diversity. The app is quick, fun, and efficient. Users can complete each of the 10-20 minute steps on their own, at their own pace.

Flexible. The app can be assigned as a stand-alone part of pre-orientation programming for incoming college students, or it can be embedded within existing curricula as an assignment for students to complete on their own.

Data-driven. The OpenMind app also includes a pre- and post-assessment survey which is designed to measure the efficacy of the app. The assessment measures the following constructs: Political “Manichaeism,” Social Distancing, Perspective Taking, Openness to Viewpoint Diversity, and Intellectual Humility.

Accessible. The app can be viewed in virtually any internet browser on any device (computer or smartphone). Users who create an account can save their progress and can log in on a separate device and resume where they left off.

Try out the OpenMind demo!