OpenMind App FAQ

1. What exactly is covered in the app?

Please click here to see a summary of the material covered in the app.

2. I’m a professor, how can I access the app?

If you’d like to use the app with your students, email us at Please include: (1) the name of your institution, (2) the course that you’ll be using it in, (3) the number of students in your class, and (4) the month you plan to assign the app. We will send you a link to the full app and a unique access code which you can provide to your students.

3. I’m the head of a student group or an organization that works on college campuses, can I still use the app?

Absolutely! Please follow the same instructions as provided above, but instead of stating your institution and course name, tell us a bit about your organization and how you will use the app.

4. I’m interested in using the app within my company, organization, or religious community, but I’m not affiliated with a university, can I use the app?

Our current version of the app is designed for college students specifically, but we will soon have a version available for other audiences. Please contact us to tell us about your interest so that we can alert you when the next version of the app is available!

5. Is the app available for use in high schools?

Yes, we have a version of the app that can be used with high school students. The high school version does not require a login and does not include a pre- and post-assessment.

6. How can professors share the app with their students?

Once you decide to use the app in your classroom, we will provide you with a link and access code that you can share with your students.

7. How can students access the app?

Students should click on the link provided by their professor. They will then be asked to create login credentials (in order to save their progress), followed by a prompt for their access code.

8. Will there be a certificate of completion or progress report?

Yes, students can have their progress reports sent directly to their professors and to themselves. We encourage you to ask your students to complete the entire app, including the final post-assessment survey.

9. Can professors view the actual results?

Professors can request that students turn in their progress reports, but no data will be included in these documents.

10. What happens with students’ data?

Heterodox Academy will analyze the anonymized data on an ongoing basis in order to improve the app and its pedagogical efficacy.

Have any additional questions? Please get in touch by emailing